Our Services

Hands-on support

Whether you decide to Retain us or use us on an Ad-hoc basis, we can sit beside you during any difficult employee-related meeting, making sure that you say the right things and don’t trip yourself up! If you are lack confidence in what you need to do, we will even chair the meeting for you.

Strategic support

Particularly relevant for those who like to be well prepared. We help you plan and implement your HR strategy for the year ahead e.g. if you’re down-sizing or buying another business (provided under both an Ad-hoc and Retainer arrangement.)

Note taker service

It’s an unfortunate fact that as an employer you will, from time to time, be involved in formal meetings with your employees regarding poor conduct, poor performance, or disciplinary and grievance investigations. Keeping a written record of these meetings is not just good practice – it makes sense. In fact, ACAS actively recommends it. Well written, accurate and organised records support you in making the fairest, most informed decisions and provide evidence to help you defend your position in the event of a Tribunal.

However, it’s fair to say that not all written records are up to the job. That’s not meant to sound harsh. It’s just that most people aren’t trained in this important skill.

Our professional note taking service is a cost-effective way of reducing the risks associated with poor quality written records. Su Allen HR’s trained note taker, Jo Fabris, is an experienced HR professional, familiar with HR legislation and therefore highly knowledgeable about what does and does not need to be included as a record of your important meetings. With Jo as your note taker you get:

  • accurate written records which are concise and easy to read, yet include all the important points discussed at your meeting/s
  • professionally written evidence to aid your investigations and decision-making processes and support your conclusions
  • reduced risk associated with omission or misrepresentation should you have cause to defend your actions at an Employment Tribunal
  • the same note taker at repeated meetings, ensuring consistency throughout
  • guaranteed confidentiality

If you don’t have a trained and reliable note taker in your organisation, contact us now on 01728 448508 or 01582 883299.